Who Qualifies for Pre-Settlement Funding?

People who have won a settlement in court qualify for settlement loans.

Some people are not happy with their future payments because they do not allow them to get enough money to pay bills each month. Such people may be interested in selling their settlements outright or receiving a lump sum loan.

Finding The Best Settlement Loan Company

The process of finding the best company starts with a reputable comparison site. Structured Settlement Watch has a list of some of the top providers. Anyone who is searching for the best lender should pay close attention to reviews published on our website and stay in the area of four to five stars.

Loan Rates

The rates of borrowing against your structured settlement vary from lender to lender. That’s why it’s important for a person to compare at least two companies. Each company has its own criteria for cash advances and their rates, and some are much lower than the others. The companies may use various criteria to determine the rates for their advances. They may set their fees according to what state their customers live in. Ultimately, the client will want to find a provider that pays more money and attaches fewer fees than everyone else in the industry.

How Settlement Cash Advance Processes Work

The process of getting a structured settlement cash advance begins with a quote request. The prospective client can either call a number or complete a short form to get an estimate of what the company will provide. If the person is happy with that offer, he will then have to prove that the settlement exists. Some companies may want to speak to the attorney who is handling the person’s case to ensure that the person has a legitimate settlement in his name. The lender will provide the funds once the proof of the account clears, and the person submits identification and other paperwork.

Other Information About Settlement Lenders

If you are waiting for proceeds from a legal settlement, you have the option of calling one of the leading structured settlement loan companies and asking if they could help you. Do that as soon as possible so that you can live comfortably and pay all of your bills like you want to.