Your Guide to Structured Settlement Buyers

Do you currently receive payments on a monthly basis from a personal injury settlement? If so, you could be able to access the professional and expert help you want through a structured settlement processing company to get the money you need right now. Wouldn’t you rather get your money now instead of waiting months or years to get it? Yes, you can receive a lump sum of cash instead of getting your money over time. Simply put, these structured settlement companies will pay you a very large sum of cash right now in exchange for your future monthly payments. If this is what you would like, read on.

Before you start shopping around and talking to different structured settlement companies, there are many factors you must consider. These factors can be a massive difference between getting yourself a substantial payout and one that you may regret for years to come. The last thing you want is to get a fraction of your settlement and get ripped off. No one wants that. If you don’t have a complete and definite understanding of what you need financially, you may be talked into something completely different when you contact a structured settlement company. That would not be a good thing for you or your family.

You need to understand what it is you must have financially to meet your current family or career obligations. If you need to earn more money with your career, maybe you need to go back to school to either finish your degree or get the advanced degree so you can get the promotion you have been aiming for. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen for a more stress-free environment at home, your structured settlement can help with that too. Maybe you have medical bills or a medical procedure you or a family member must have in order to live a better life and your insurance won’t cover it. Your structured settlement can help.

These are all situations where your structured settlement can give you a better life right now instead of waiting years or decades for it to happen.

Figure out what it is that you need, and an approximate dollar value that will get you there. Because if you only need a fraction of the value of your structured settlement, selling the entire settlement may not be in your best interest. Just selling a portion of it will get you the money you need right now and preserve the bulk of the settlement so you can keep getting your monthly payments.

A quality company that offers to purchase your structured settlement should be well experienced so you can get the advice and information you need so the process of getting your money is smooth, but also that you get the highest offer possible.

Consider the following:

How much do you rely on your monthly payments to pay your monthly bills? If the amount is “extra” for you, then you are in good shape. If you use the monthly amount to pay your mortgage or rent and without your monthly payment you would be “underwater,” it is time to walk away from the thought of selling your structured settlement. We don’t want to see you in a worse situation than you find yourself in right now. Selling should always improve your situation, never make it worse.

How stable is the company? How long have they been in business? How good is their customer service? Do they answer the phone promptly and do they get you the information you need quickly, efficiently, and accurately?

Is their website reliable, informative and professional? A company’s website should be built with you, as the customer, in mind. It should be easy to find the information that you need, even if it is a two-o’clock in the morning.

Important Question: Is the company you are going to sell structured settlement to a good company? Don’t just trust the rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as DateLine ( did a segment proving the BBB allows a company to “buy” a high score. Although the BBB rating should not be ignored, it falls into the “trust but verify” approach. This is why Structured Settlement Watch was created. We watch these companies for you and tell you the good and the bad from each company. There are many factors we rate with our formulas so you can make the right choice and not spend so much time on research.

Important Question: Do you need to sell your entire structured settlement? Some companies do not state you have this option. If you know the amount of cash you need right now to get out of the financial hole you find yourself in, you can sell just that amount and keep the rest. Never, we repeat, never give in to high-pressure sales tactics. If you are ever placed in a situation where you feel you are under high pressure, do not say anything, simply hang up the phone. There are plenty of companies, and you can hang up and call the next one. Be smart and be true to yourself and to your family.

List Of Structured Settlement Companies

DRB CapitalThis Florida-based structured settlement company currently has an A- rating from the BBB and has been accredited since 2015. Why the Excellent rating? According to our research and customer reviews, DRB Capital assigns one contact person throughout the process, so there are no endless holds, transferring you from department to department, so your stress is lower throughout the process. They also offer gift cards and cash advances for doing business with them to help you with your short-term financial needs. The court dates are set up quickly, and communication has exceeded expectations. Overall, customers state they received the best offer and excellent customer service when doing business with DRB Capital.Excellent
J.G. WentworthThis company is probably the most well-advertised annuity/structured settlement company. They claim to be able to offer a large cash advance on an annuity purchase. This company also provides several other financial services. They also feature being able to set up a purchase before an annuity is even resolved. Some individuals may choose to sell some but not all of their future payments for a lump sum, and this is a service that J.G. Wentworth offers. If done correctly, an individual could sell their payments in such a way that they can schedule the payments to be made to them before bills are due. Or, if an emergency arises, J.G. Wentworth claims to have a speedy turnaround time, so you can get money from your future payments as soon as possible. Usually, J.G. Wentworth takes up to 48 hours to process funding.Very Good
Peachtree Financial SolutionsPeachtree offers Pre-settlement, Structured Settlement, and annuity funding in much of the United States. They also cover a wide variety of law suits, such as malpractice, wrongful death, and product liability suits. Peachtree is known as one of the leading annuity companies and provides pre-settlement funding for amounts up to $750,000.

Pre-settlement funding is often used to cover court costs and attorney fees and is obtained by selling a portion of your settlement before your case is complete. Peachtree also has a quick funding turnaround time of 1-3 business days. Peachtree also works directly with your attorney, so that you do not have the added stress of legal paperwork from the sale of your future payments.

Structured Settlement Funding is obtained through the sale of some or all settlement payments. Peachtree does not use an individual’s credit score during the settlement evaluation process because it is not a loan but a purchase of future payments. Peachtree uses factors such as payment timing, the length of your settlement period, and the total value to determine its investment worth. They also utilize the same representative to handle your structured settlement process from start to finish.

Peachtree handles a variety of annuities. They do not purchase payments from retirement accounts, however.

SenecaOneSeneca One is a structured settlement company that offers cash advances on structured settlements. These types of loans are offered up to $5000 with a 24-hour minimum processing period. They also offer small interest-free loans of up to $1000 to help you pay expenses until your lump sum becomes available.

Seneca One also offers to purchase life-contingent settlement payments. They also have a Settlement Specialist to help walk you through the entire sale process. It is always important to have your legal representative review any payment sales and go over the agreement terms with you.

Once the judge rules on your settlement, you can then turn around and sell all or part of your payments for cash. A major perk that Seneca One offers is zero legal or processing fees.


How To Choose Among Different Structured Settlement Buyers

Best Rated Structured Settlement Companies

When looking into selling options regarding a structured settlement and annuity, you must be sure that you research whether or not you will need a cash advance because of the time that will elapse from the time your court case is presented until the time that the judge rules on your settlement. Be sure to have your legal representative thoroughly go through the selling process with you, especially with regards to the size of payments, payment schedules, and any contingencies that may apply. You will also need to know if your settlement is an assigned or unassigned case. You must also take into account any legal or medical bills that need to be paid as soon as possible.

Once all of these factors are accounted for, you can then determine what kind of payment options will work for you and whether or not it is necessary to sell some or all of your settlement payments.

While structured settlements are reasonably sound, there are occasions where an individual may want to sell their settlement payments, instead of receiving scheduled payments. Sometimes an individual might have to cover medical expenses because of a personal injury at work, and they need the money to pay those medical expenses, which many times, often outweigh the amount of a settlement payment if the damage is severe. That person may choose to sell their annuity for a lump sum, to pay those bills. To sell their settlement, they may turn to an annuity buyer. There are several well-known companies which buy structured settlements. When looking to sell structured settlement, it is important to shop around to see which buyer might be the best for you.

Structured settlements possess several important characteristics to meet certain legal and tax code requirements:

  • They must be obtained from a lawsuit as payment for damages are counted separately from gross income.
  • They are used as a means of worker’s compensation payment that meets the requirements of Worker’s Compensation law.
  • They are paid to the person filing the claim from the person who the claim is against.
  • The money is then given to the plaintiff by the defendant using a qualified assignment company when the defendant purchases a qualified funding asset to finance the settlement. Some payments may have the condition of being life-contingent, which means that the plaintiff must remain alive to receive payments.
  • In unassigned cases the plaintiff finances the settlement by purchasing an annuity from a life insurance company; these cases are much less common, however. The annuity issuer then sends all payments directly to the plaintiff. Thus, the defendant maintains the liability of keeping up settlement payments.

Things To Consider When Selling Your Settlement

What do you need to sell your settlement? This isn’t a process you can do on your own unfortunately as a judge must approve the sale to protect your future financial interest. When you appear before a judge, you should ALWAYS have representation. This is why it is important to pick the right one from the list of structured settlement funding companies. A great company will provide your representation so there is no direct cost to you. Some will have the attorney present via a phone call in the court room. Make sure you ask the company you are considering to do business with if their attorneys appear in person or via phone. This is a huge difference in getting your sale approved by the judge. It also will help your peace of mind to when you have a qualified attorney who is after your best interest at your side. Don’t take this part for granted.

  1. How much time is expected to lapse between the time your case is presented and the judge’s final ruling? This needs to understood, so you can know if you will need pre-settlement funding for certain expenses.
  2. What type of law suit are you settling and where? Some companies may be limited to the types of settlements they handle, based on the kind of suit and location.
  3. Can you pay your monthly bills without your structured settlement payments? If the answer is “yes” then you should proceed with the process of getting your cash out.
  4. Can’t just any company handle selling structured settlements? In a word, no. Not every company is ethical or trustworthy. And in our research, we have found varying offers for the same account. If every company were the same, all offers would be the same. This is why you need to do your homework and choose the company that has a long track record of taking care of their customers.
  5. Are there active structured settlement buyers and are they hard to find? This is why going with a company like DRB Capital is a smart decision as they are well connected and guarantee the best offer to you or they will pay you structured settlement cash.

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