For less conventional sales engagements, there’s SenecaOne. Founded in 2002 and based out of Bethesda, Maryland, SenecaOne is able to help sellers sell off structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings. The company especially prides itself on its flexibility; according to its mission statement, it’s one of the only lenders that dedicates itself entirety to the people it serves.

SenecaOne is also a business that aims to help clients who’ve fallen on difficult financial times. They want to create a long-term relationship with each of their clients; through this connection, and over time, they provide added support and information to help their clients in times of need. Whether it’s personalized consultations or lump-sum payments, the aim is to see their client base thrive.

This company is also able to provide its sellers with pre-settlement payments. As such, sellers will be able to maintain their financial stability as they wait for additional payments to come in. The team here also helps individual sellers achieve their financial goals over an extended period of time.

It’s also worth noting that SenecaOne expanded in 2018. Nowadays, the company has been able to maximize its licensing and purchase settlements from a wider audience.