Olive Branch Funding

Olive Branch Funding is a settlement company. The company facilitates the provision of cash solutions for the life changes that occur from the purchase of a structured payment plan and annuity for cash in lump-sum amount. The firm has been in business since the year 2010, and it’s headquartered in the New York City. They offer lump sum ranging from lawsuits payments, lottery jackpots and also annuities. They also have an online document system that allows customers to provide the necessary documentation sign forms to facilitate payments.

Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments for Olive Branch Funding

Most of the people are comfortable receiving their payments monthly or annually but sometimes there develops an urgent need for cash. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, they can no longer wait therefore the need to seek the services of a financial advisor who are experts in this field. Olive Branch Funding makes the process smooth for all the clients. It understands that it is emotionally draining, but it has got all the expertise to help out where it is required. The structured settlement seller also receives a cash advance of up to 20 percent of the total proposed purchase price for the settlement plan.

Olive Branch Funding ensures you as the client gets the cash as quickly as possible sealing all the loopholes for a periodic payment that may trickle in. They have handled landmark cases within their many years of service due to their extensive experience. Customers should show extreme caution when selling their structured settlement since there are many scammers out there who are posing as legit financial firms. Olive Branch Funding takes time to also scrutinize all the credentials from customers and offers high funding for the structured payments.

One major advantage of having Olive Branch Funding help in selling your structured is that the periodic payments from the compensation for an injury fund are not always the best idea. The clients at some point will need a lump sum form of payment, therefore, Olive Branch Funding provides a lot of options for you.