Novation Settlement Solutions was originally known as Novation Capital. The company was founded in 2000, and, since then, has built a reputation as one of the most respectable settlement purchasers in action today.

Based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, the company specializes in providing its sellers with timely payments from ongoing exchanges. To date, the company has been able to purchase over $1.5 billion dollars in structured settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, and cash flows. This helps clients who are struggling financially to get back on their feet.

At this point in time, the company purchases both structured settlement payments and annuity payments. This equips sellers with increased flexibility as they look for an additional source of financial security. However, the company also takes pride in helping clients uncover this new financial support within a reasonable time-frame, to the point where they offer a time-frame-guarantee. If a client doesn’t receive funding within the set time-frame, then Novation Settlement Solutions will pay the clients in question 10 times the national average on returns – for every day payment is delayed.