Novation Settlement Solutions

Are you looking for a legitimate company to deal with when looking to sell off any future payments; be they lottery winnings, insurance settlements, lawsuit settles or wrongful death of a member of your family? Or do you expect to be paid after a car accident you were involved in? Either way, Novation Settlement Solutions is one of the many structured settlement companies that you can sell those future payments to for a large sum of cash any day. But before deciding to do any business with them, let’s find out more about this company.

Novation Settlement Solutions is a financial services company that purchases payments from structured settlements in exchange for lump sums of cash. The company, which partners with and is owned by JG Wentworth, claims to have bought over $1.2 billion in payments since opening their doors in 2000 and only employs top-notch funding experts with the highest levels of product expertise and knowledge. Due to this, it boasts a 97 percent court approval rate of success.

The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and has a solid reputation along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Novation Settlement Solutions is also a founding member of the Nation Association of Settlement Purchases (NASP). Their service is so efficient that Novation Settlement Solutions has only received two complaints within the past three years.

Just like most other structured settlement buyers, Novation Settlement Solutions states that due to inflation, money loses value over time and as a result, your structured settlement may actually be worth less than if you waited to be paid to you in full.

The costs of selling your structured settlement to Novation Settlement Solutions

The company offers free consultation but charges a percentage of your total settlement as their fee. No official figures are posted on their website. However, the exact percentage figure is thought to range between the 10 and 20 percent according to the industry average. But in order to find out if they can help you, you need to start by calling them directly at 888-668-2846.

The company always strives to set itself apart from the competition by assuring those selling their structured settlement that the rate they pay is locked in by the time they sign. Moreover, they have a Timeframe Guarantee that compels the company to pay you more money should it take longer than normal to retrieve your cash.


* It is one of the most reputable companies that gives cash for structured settlements.

* Their Timeframe Guarantee means that you will be eligible to more money if it takes longer than originally estimated to receive your money.

* Has been in business since 2000, and has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Bottom line

Novation Settlement Solutions does have a strong online reputation and may just be the company to consider if you are looking for a structured settlement buyer.