Liberty Settlement Funding

Finding the right structured settlement buyer to purchase your annuity payments or structured settlements is as important as the decision you made to set up your original payments. The right company should be able to get you the most money for your future payments while keeping you adequately informed throughout the entire process.

Liberty Settlement Funding Review

Liberty Settlement Funding is a company that purchases structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings in the secondary market. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the company combines unique underwriting expertise and best in class customer service with robust financial services to give its customers the financial freedom they seek eagerly. It was founded in 2011 by brothers Jim Mcable and Marc Hermes. But despite its relatively young age, Liberty Settlement Funding rose swiftly to be one of the most respected companies in the industry. This is thanks to the experienced leadership of Marc Hermes, its current president. Before this, he had been Director of sales and marketing for Structure Asset Funding and an Account Executive at Comcast spotlight where he gained considerable experience in finance and marketing. Jim McCabe has lots of experience handling fixed annuities, structured settlements, portfolio management, etc.

Since 2011, Liberty has helped thousands of people receive cash from their lottery winnings, annuities, structured settlements and other payment streams. As of June 2016, the company was closing on $100 million in secured financing which was infused to support diverse business units that regaled lottery divisions and structured settlements. Since then, they have significantly expanded their operations and traversed new avenues to provide financial amelioration to their clients. While most structured settlement companies specialize in providing lump sum payments for structured settles and annuities, Liberty goes a step further and offers the same lump sum cash emoluments against lottery and casino jackpot winnings.

Get whole or part of your settlement

Thanks to the multifarious lotteries and sweepstakes available most financial enterprises are impassable at providing precise and explicit investment methods. Liberty Settlement funding conducts constructive research and analysis to identify appropriate finance and acquisition opportunities with enough marginalized income. What’s more, you can choose to sell just a portion, or all of your annuity, settlement payments or lottery winnings so you have just the right amount of cash you need in one lump sum. This way, you will have gained access to money that would otherwise take years for you to receive. People choose to take these lump sums for different reasons:

* Make emergency medical payments

* Buy houses

* Pay high interest debts

* Make home improvements

* Make better investments

* Finish their college degree

* Etc.

You can get in touch with Liberty Settlement Funding via their new website – from where they offer a comprehensive customer care service. Alternatively you can get a quote by call them at (855) 643-0333. It also has articles on how to save money as well as testimonials from clients who sold all or portions of their structured settlements to meet their immediate financial goals. You can be sure that your needs will be well taken care of as the company currently has a standout A- rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with only one sales advertising issue reported over the years. While the BBB does not have the final say since some issues go unreported, its ratings provide the most reliable comparison opportunities out there.