Fairfield Funding

Having been in business for seven (7) years now, Fairfield Funding focuses strictly on purchasing structured settlements. These include different types of annuities and lottery winnings. They can also provide valuation services for guaranteed payments due to an estate. They usually offer this service to help a probate attorney or an estate trustee. Located in Atlanta, GA, according to their website, the company offers more consumer resources than any other structured settlements buyer. When combined with the positive reviews they receive and their informational, easy-to-understand website, it is clearly one of the most reliable companies in this niche. On their website, you will be greeted by a live chat operator and unlike most other structured settlement companies, their homepage features a calculator to help you get an idea of how much you will be paid for your structured settlement. This is one of the key reasons Fairfield Funding is considered one of the best structured settlement buyers in the market.

Services they offer

Structured settlements are scheduled individualized payments made to you by another party, usually resulting from an injury or lawsuit. It is important that you consult a qualified financial planner or advisor before selling your structured settlement so you can be sure how doing so will impact your financial future. This is because structured settlements are often referred to as a “financial life-line” for many people. Moreover, they are very complex and selling them can be more difficult than other forms of financial transactions. While their selling process can span 45 to 90 days, Fairfield Funding will let you receive a cash advance. If you go with this option, the company will pay you a portion of your total payout in as little as five (5) days.

It is important to know beforehand that just like with any other structured settlement company; you are not going to receive the full value of your annuity or structured settlement from this company. They buy your annuities at a discounted rate, then either sell the settlement to someone else at a higher value than what they bought it for or opt to receive the payments on a monthly basis. This is how the company makes money in the long term.


The company was given an A+ ranking by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but you can also find more positive reviews from Consumer Affairs. In fact they have 14 different 5-star reviews and nothing below this level. All the reviews were verified by the review staff you can be sure that they were written by real people who used Fairfield Funding service to receive cash payments for their annuities.

Should you work with Fairfield Funding?

The answer depends on whether you will still be comfortable after speaking with them. I would certainly be comfortable letting the company transact on my behalf as they are very open with an excellent customer service team. It is also very easy to get a quote by simply keying your details into the form provided on their website’s homepage. Simply visit their website to get a potential quote, compare it with what other companies are offering, and then make a decision whether to sell them your annuity or structured settlement.