DRB Capital

Do you currently receive any individualized payments from any legal settlement, job related accident or some other type of litigation? If so, then you could be eligible to contact a structure settlement buyer to get paid a lump sum right now. Essentially, these companies pay you a huge amount of cash for the right to receive your future individualized payments.

DRB capital, (DRBCapital.com) is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The company describes itself as one of the most trusted annuity buyers in the United States, with more than 25 years experience in structured settlement funding. According to a recent press release, DRB Capital closed on a $600 million financing fund to purchase various types of annuity payments. They specifically mention different types of annuities including life contingent and guaranteed annuities. The company purchases retirement annuity payments that are in the income or annuitization phase. According to their website, they need as little as three (3) days to restructure annuity cash flows.

Why use DRB capital?

There are lots of reasons why people encounter financial difficulties and may have use for large sums of money. Individuals who have received annuity payments or structured settlements can get assistance from the specialists at DRB Capital by selling their structured settlement payments for a lump sum, paid out as a single payment. The company is capable of dealing with all sorts of people who are currently receiving investment annuities and life contingency structured settlements. Additionally, they promise high quality customer service, and you can be sure that the representative you will get to talk to will empathize and figure out your needs, explain the entire process in a way that you understand and keep in touch with you until you sign the certificate of payment and receive the cash.

The terms of any annuity or structured settlement purchase require legal approval and have to be thoroughly understood before DRB Capital executes the settlement. The company will create the buying agreement, get approval from the court and establish a working relationship with the entity you are currently receiving monthly annuities of structured settlements from before agreeing to pay you the lump sum.

Pre-settlement funding

The company also offers pre-settlement funding services for pending personal injury claims. Through its Claims Recovery Group, the company provides funding for receivables to creditors and other claimants currently awaiting bankruptcy settlements. Finally, its OptiMed Funding Group provides financing for medical lien receivables and liquidity solutions for health-care providers.

What fee do they charge?

While the company is yet to publish any fees for the services they offer, it is very likely that they do not charge any. However, they benefit from arranging to purchase your individualized monthly payments over time by charging a percentage of your settlement as a fee. You can find out the exact figure when you talk to the representative, though.