Annuity Transfers

Annuity Transfers has been in business since 2003, specializing in disbursing cash of structured settlements. Its qualified staff, who possesses more than 40 years of combined experience, perform the plethora of delicate processes involved in transferring annuities efficiently, so you will never have t worry about receiving the requested lump sum late.

The company is presided by Richard Thompson, a life insurance expert, while Shannon Harvey, a Texas A&M University graduate with contract negotiation, strategic planning, business development and team building skills handles the operational side of the business.

Here a few reasons why you should consider working with Annuity Transfers:

  • Excellent track record – this structured settlement purchaser prides itself in an extremely low denial for requested purchases of structured settlements. While it is reasonable to accept some denials, a low denial rate often indicates a professional company committed to providing sound financial transactions for consumers.
  • It is direct-funded – this is a capitalized financial services company, and this means that they are directed funded. They don’t require the use of a broker, and they always have money immediately available to purchase structured payments.
  • They charge no sales commission – this company does not have any employees working on commission. This means that those looking to sell their payments need not worry that about deductions from their final payout when making inquiries.
  • Free online quotes – the company does operate a customer friendly website that not only contains lots of information with regards to various structured settlement transfers but also allows you to request for a free quote without having to first visit any physical offices. The website also features a helpful FAQ where annuity sellers can get valuable information such as how the present values and discount rates for settlements are calculated as well as the types of payments they buy.

If you are currently receiving structured settlements as a result of an accident or winning a lawsuit, getting cash for the structured settlement via Annuity Transfers will allow you to get a large cash payout in case you have debts or other forms of significant expenses. What’s more, you can choose to sell only a portion of the annuities if you rely on the monthly payments as your primary source of income.